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In March 2011 the team at Logic exhibited at the Frankfurt Pro Light and Sound exhibition not only to display their existing products but with the aim of discovering from customers old and new which products they felt were needed in this ever changing industry. Following on from these discussions they decided to develop a product based on Logics very popular but discontinued CS1296. Many people remember the old six box system which after over twelve years is still being used today. Using the latest in technologies and components and with a powered and non powered option a system that was initially built on the views and needs of customers in the past has now been reborn. Origin 1296 marks the beginning of a whole new Active range to be manufactured by Logic System in the UK.

The system has been designed as a dedicated six box 6kw FOH concert system utilising the latest lightweight amplifier modules and onboard DSP software. The top end is covered by the Origin 1296; a powered horn loaded mid/top cabinet featuring exceptional spl and defined coverage. The bottom end is covered by the Origin B and SB powered bass and sub bass enclosures which are run in parallel over the same pass band and share a common 40 Hz tuning, providing a complete plug and go FOH concert system without the need for amp racks making setup time as quick as possible.