Logic Systems products were used as a sound solution for a 10,000 strong audience at the 2013 Special Olympics Opening Ceremony at The Royal Crescent in Bath.


The local council imposed a 65db sound limit at the closest residential building which was 100m from a Logic System Line Array, in the main arena we averaged 85db and at the closest residential property 63db. The Logic System Line Array calculator was used to ensure accurate and consistent audio coverage throughout the auditorium for the 7,000 seated and 3,000 standing audience.

The sound system comprised of two nine-box drops of Logic System Ethos VA line arrays and 28 sub bass speakers, all run from Lab Gruppen amplifiers. Due to the nature of the event, and onsite/live flexibility, Yamaha M7CL digital sound desks and digital multi-cores with monitor splits were used. 8 ways of onstage monitor mixes were provided via Logic System LS12s and LS300s, Shure PSM900 in ear monitors and Shure UR4 radio mic systems were specified and provided for Susan Boyle.

24 channels were assigned to the band along with 6 channels of Sennheiser radio handheld mics for live audience interaction, onstage interviews and the MC’s, playback was triggered via Qlab software from an Applemac. Live audio mixes were sent to BBC & ITV News.

The opening ceremony using Logic Systems products received positive feedback.

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