Compact Installed Sound: Bar, Club & Leisure Loudspeakers

Logic Systems installation (Ci) Series is a range of installation specific cabinets aimed principally at the Bar, Club and leisure market, but with additional applications within Church and theatre.

Compact Installation Series:

The Ci Series of cabinets is a dedicated installation range aimed at the theme bar and nightclub market. The products are the result of extensive consultation with installation contractors and consultants, aimed at ease of installation and also bringing a quality of sound and build quality not normally available at this price point. Angled backs combined with dedicated yoke brackets allow compact installations close to walls and ceilings whilst still delivering a large sound from a small box.


Ci Series cabinets are available in black or white as standard colours. As this product is often installed into design led environments the product also benefits from a custom colour option. This can be based on RAL or BS numbers or even Dulux codes.

DSP – Digital System Controller

The unit contains presets that will sonically enhance all Compact install series product giving a flat and linear frequency response. The built in time delay can also be used to time align different zones within a venue, or set different drive levels and limiting levels. An OEM function also allows parameters to be locked off. To aid convenience the unit can be configured from your laptop via the PodWare Software.


Ci series cabinets come with a wide range of mounting options. Cabinets have back bracket points and yoke mounting points for both landscape and portrait alignments as standard. They also benefit from insert points to further assist the installer. HF-Units can be fitted vertically / horizontally.

Installed BASS Options:

The choice of bass to integrate with Ci series products will be venue dependent and also reflect the required music policy of the operator. As a consequence Logic Systems offers a broad range of options. Within the Ci bass range there are three options detailed in the following two pages that fit many users requirements. All three products have the advantage of being able to be installed in either portrait or landscape mode.

If the project requires a product with more minimised height to fit under seating in the landscape mode then the B.5 and B1 cabinets from the ML Series require consideration but the compact size of the Ci bass range should be more than sufficient for most installations. For the discerning client who wants the ultimate bass experience for either a live sound or dance venue then installation versions of the Ethos Nd bass range is the solution.

The DP4180 digital system controller contain presets for combining IS series cabinets with bass options.

Ci Sound Products:

Check below our latest Compact installation products and click on the image to view respective detailed information.

Compact Installation SOUND RANGE:

The Ci Series is a range of installation specific cabinets aimed principally at the Bar and Club leisure market, but with additional applications within Church and theatre.