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Status Quo frontman Francis Rossi toured solo for the first time in May 2010. Performing in modest venues, a small Ethos VA groundstack system featuring six-per-side of Ethos VA and two-per-side of Nd315 and Nd218 was provided by Logic System for the tour, along with 4 x ML8 for side and front fills. The system was driven with RAM Audio DQX amplifiers and DP2140 system controllers, with side fills driven with RAM Audio S series with integrated DSP. Andy May, FOH engineer on the tour, tried an early VA system with Status Quo, so was interested to hear how far the system had come since then. “It’s really flexible and well presented. Plus two men can put it up quite easily and it locks together very well, it’s very safe and easily transportable.” He added, ” … the midrange is designed to throw a long way, but I thought it sounded quite smooth on the Logic System and didn’t get irritating. It carries vocals really well which I’m always in to.”