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Legendary guitarists James Burton (Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson, Emmy Lou Harris, John Denver) and Albert Lee (Everly Brothers, Emmy Lou Harris, Joe Cocker, Eric Clapton) recently performed a lighting tour of the UK in small to medium sized venues with an Ethos CA system provided by GS Pro Audio. Touring front of house engineer Simon Grainger says “I chose the Ethos CA system because I’ve had really great results with it in the past. It’s small yet incredibly versatile and it delivers a punchy mid range and outstanding clarity for the vocals over the entire auditorium which is an absolute must have for me”.

The band toured two ND-218s and two ND-215s for sub bass, 8 CA-10s and 4 CA-20s with 2 XP-15s for side fills. LM12s and LM20s were used for monitoring. System control and amplification was provided by DP2160 and DP2140 processors and MC2 E series amplifiers. Systems were flown and ground stacked depending on the venue.