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2000W Live Loudspeaker Enclosure: ND215

The Logic Systems Ethos Nd215 is a compact, high power, 2000w loudspeaker bass enclosure. It features two band pass loaded long throw, neodymium 15 inch bass drivers. The benefit of this configuration is the increase in band sensitivity over a conventional direct radiating construction, combined with a tight, punchy and controlled bass sound. The Ethos Nd215 is designed to be used as the bass element of an Ethos CA speaker system.

It can be used with up to two Ethos CA pole mounted from the integral M20 plate, or as the basis of a ground stack using the Ethos CA fly frame and ground stack assembly. It can also be flown above an Ethos CA array using the integrated fly system.

Additional Note

1.) Sensitivity measured at 1 meter with 2.83V, using band limited pink noise.

Ethos Live Sound: ND215 – Logic Systems Pro Audio

Technical Information:

Frequency Response 40Hz – 150kHz (With assisted alignment)
  • Bass: 2 x 15″ cone drivers
  • HF: N/A
Power Handling 2000w (Per Cabinet)
Sensitivity (1) 102dB (Minimum two box configuration)
Directivity Omni-directional
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Construction: 18mm Birch plywood
Finish Water based textured black paint
  • 2 x Neutrik NL4 (Main input:) 1+/-bass, 2+/- CA input
  • 1 X Neutrik NL4 (CA output:), 1+/-, 2+/- NC
  • Note: CA output fed from main input 2+/-
Dimensions 505mm (W) X 780mm (H) X 600mm (D)
Packaged Dimensions (2) 635mm (W) X 930mm (H) X 730mm (D)
Weight 57 KG (Dolly: 8 KG)

Cabinet Information:

Cabinet Ethos ND215
Handles 8 OFF
Tophat No
M20 Plate 2 OFF
Castors Dolly
Bracket Pt No
Inserts / Fly
Full Integrated System