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It’s non-stop new product announcements!

It’s non-stop new product announcements!

We’ve launched three new passive wedge monitor loudspeakers, significantly extending our ML Multifunction product range and we’re unveiling at next week’s entertainment technology show, plasafocus18, in Leeds.

Using dual concentric driver components to provide good performance in compact enclosure sizes, the MLM15 uses a 15" dual concentric driver; the MLM 12, a 12" dc driver; and the MLM 10, a 10" dc driver. The enclosures also include a 'top hat' mount, dedicated bracket and M10 flying points. The multi-purpose nature of the cabinet makes it suitable for a variety of applications including front of house, monitoring, stage fills, delays and installation.

Also added to the ML Multifunction product range is the ML 118, a compact bass enclosure with a frequency range of 40Hz - 500Hz and a power handling capability of 1kW. This unit has a load impedance of four ohms and is supplied with a 'top hat' fitting, handles and heavy-duty castors.

Completing our latest announcement line-up is a new progressive line source loudspeaker in the recently launched V-Line range.

The MPPLS 4 is a compact line designed for smaller applications and has true line source performance for throw distances up to 12 metres. The unit utilises four 5" mid/bass drivers and two 1" compression drivers mounted on a specially developed waveguide.

With a frequency range of 70Hz -18kHz and power handling of 500W (AES), the loudspeaker can be used for voice and background music applications, either stand-alone or with additional bass loudspeakers to allow higher power full range usage. With additional bass loudspeakers, the new LS 125S limiter/crossover unit should be used to give extended full range performance.