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Our investment in design and components

Our current development programme involves close co-operation with UK-based component suppliers who have developed loudspeaker drive units to meet our exacting new requirements.

We believe that we have produced new loudspeakers that provide exciting new performance capabilities for use in many applications and we’ve have also invested in the design of completely new waveguides for our new high frequency assemblies that form a key element in many of our new loudspeaker products.

This means our new VL products can be used for indoor and outdoor live performance, for highly reverberant acoustic environments where the radiation pattern of conventional loudspeakers is unsuitable. We can provide good performance in churches, sports halls, reverberant factory environments and acoustically challenging function rooms.

The Ci (installation) products have been carefully designed to give a high quality performance in more conventional environments. Their enclosure shapes have been refined to ensure unobtrusive installation locations.

We still retain more conventionally shaped enclosures where symmetrical landscape/portrait mounting is required.