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Loudspeaker Prediction Software: EASE-Focus

Loudspeaker Prediction Software: EASE-Focus – Logic Systems Pro Audio

EASE Focus

EASE Focus is a Loudspeaker Prediction Software that allows the modelling of acoustic sources, in particular line arrays, in two dimensions. It only considers the direct field, created by the complex addition of the sound contributions of the individual loudspeakers or array components.

The design of EASE Focus loudspeaker prediction software is targeted at the end user but also at the R&D engineer. Therefore great efforts are made to create an intuitive and consistent interface that agrees with modern user interface design principles.

The purpose of EASE Focus is to provide both the end user who needs to set up the array for a show, as well as the developer, with a tool that allows the easy and quick prediction of the array performance in a given venue.

The applicability of EASE Focus is quite extended compared to conventional 2D aiming software tools. Outstanding in that it is not fixed to a single product. A configuration file allows defining the array properties in a simple ASCII format. Thus, additional arrays can be introduced at any time by additional configuration files and existing arrays can be updated without the need to change a single line of code in the software. This makes EASE Focus a generic software.

The scientific base of EASE Focus stems from EASE, the professional electro- and room acoustic simulation software developed by ADA, Acoustic Design Ahnert, Berlin, Germany. EASE Focus itself is a software created by SDA, Software Design Ahnert GmbH, Berlin, Germany, the sister company of ADA.